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Virtual Medical Assistant Service for Doctors & Medical Professionals


Virtual Medical Assistants improve workflow, save time, and make more money by removing the burden of back-office tasks.

Imagine this: 

David, a new patient, walks hesitantly into your practice and takes in the carefully thought out décor, the calm atmosphere, and the friendly looks on people’s faces who are seated in your waiting room. David makes a note of how positive the energy is and approaches your front desk.  There, he is met with a welcoming smile and is checked in quickly and efficiently.  Within moments, he is called to the back.  As his doctor, you warmly greet him, introduce yourself, and listen to his situation.  

Due to the seamless actions of your team, you are able to make recommendations as to his care and prescribe the best medication to treat his  symptoms effectively.  David  is thrilled with his experience and leaves positive reviews on several websites, which draws in additional business for you.  Your medical staff feels confident that they have helped to assist the patient to the best of their ability, and they’re ready to service the next person.  You’ve gained a loyal patient for life, as well as numerous referrals.


If this isn’t the experience that your clientele has each and every time they visit your office, honestly ask yourself, “Why?”  Did the client have to wait too long in the waiting room due to the  extra time spent verifying their insurance eligibility?  Was the patient unable to get a convenient appointment because of unorganized scheduling?  Are members of your staff stressed out, over

worked, and tired?  Did your patient get discouraged when you entered the examination room and asked repetitive questions that should have been previously noted on their record?    

Many physicians have encountered a unique dilemma while growing their practice.  How do you successfully expand the number of clients that you see on a daily basis without heaping unreasonable amounts of work on your staff’s already overloaded heads?  Adding a skilled team of virtual medical assistants has proven to be just the answer for a bustling medical office drowning in a sea of paperwork and a host of smaller tasks all fighting for a position of priority.  The answer that you have been waiting for is right in front of you.  

The Physician’s MA is at your service, and your day-to-day headaches are a thing of the past.